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Migrate to Canada in 6-12 months!!!

by RSD Immigration Consultancy Services
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Living in Canada is an opportunity of a lifetime!
Experience countless benefits in immigrating to the most livable and literate country.

We are from RSD Immigration Consultancy Services (Trade Name-Canadian Immigration Specialists). Our company is a professional and legitimate service provider of comprehensive and appropriate immigration consultation and processing to Canada. As a consultancy firm, we want the engagement of our clients in our offered services to be worry-free.
The Canadian government is regularly updating its programs and criteria to ensure that immigration is favourable to Canada. Our company envisions to be the leading immigration consultancy for international opportunities to Filipinos. From the initial assessment to the correspondence with the Canadian Embassy, we guarantee full guidance and cooperation with our valued clients.
We constantly conduct scheduled seminars and orientation on Immigration to Canada in 18 cities in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. This undertaking will help enlighten aspiring Filipino immigrants who are interested and in high hopes of living and working in Canada.

Vision: To be the best and leading immigration/ professional 

consultancy for international opportunities for Filipinos

Mission: To extend assistance to Filipinos for them achieve their
 professional opportunities/ better living options/ academic qualifications abroad

Mission Statements:
1.    Enrich knowledge on international standards and policies for use in overseas employment/ education/ migration
2.    Provide reliable, up-to-date information and news on international affairs related to overseas opportunities
3.    Guide clients in the end-to-end process of their overseas opportunity
4.    Forge partnerships with relevant agencies to assist clients

Core Values:
Our core values, R.O.A.D., are anchored on our goal of being the stepping stone in your better future in an overseas setting. These values include:
We guarantee that we deliver results on time, every time and error-free.
Outstanding Performance 
At RSD Immigration Consultancy Services, we don’t strive to the ideals set by the industry – instead, we make them. Hence, in time, we aspire to be the industry leader in order to serve you better.
Assurance of Trust
We pledge to take care of you as you embark on an exciting adventure to greener pastures, through transparency and accountability in our consultancy services.
Dutiful Service
With our top-notch expertise and unparalleled skills, we vow to serve you accordingly and within our bounds.

For the schedule of FREE orientation: 

August 1: 4pm Guadalupe, Makati
August 2: 4pm Sampaloc, Manila
August 3: 4pm Imus, Cavite
August 6: 4pm Santolan
August 7: 4pm Pasay Rotonda
August 8: 4pm Monumento
August 9: 4pm Sampaloc, Manila
August 13: 4pm Ermita Manila
August 14: 4pm Alabang Muntinlupa
August 15: 4pm Quezon Avenue
August 16: 4pm Ortigas Extension
August 18: 4pm Pasay Rotonda
August 20: 4pm Imus, Cavite
August 21: 4pm Santolan
August 22: 4pm Sampaloc, Manila
August 24: 4pm Guadalupe, Makati
August 25: 4pm Quezon Avenue
August 27: 4pm Monumento
August 28: 4pm Alabang, Muntinlupa
August 31: 4pm Ermita Manila
Those in the demand list like nurses are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to sign up with CIS (Canadian Immigration Specialists) so we can process your papers. Canada will improve and broaden its immigration criteria in January so people who are not yet included in the demand list and those who did not reach the required points may still seek help from CIS (see CIS Advantage Plan below).
CIS Advantage PLAN
1.    start processing your application as early as now
2.    Avail of the free assessment by our top-notch Immigration Consultant who has been in the industry for 12 years now
3.    Begin collating and completing the basic requirements
4.    Submit your documents to the Centralized Intake Office in Canada
Suggested Time Frame:
Step1: sign up with CIS
Step2: documentation, forms analysis, encoding, and job description review              
Step3: take IELTS General Training module
Step4: open account for proof of funds and prepare embassy fee
January 2013: submit documents plus IELTS result, proof of funds bank certificate & embassy fee

Living in Canada is an opportunity of a lifetime as you can enjoy the following benefits as its citizen:
1.    Consistently awarded as the world’s MOST LIVABLE COUNTRY
2.    Hailed as the world’s MOST LITERATE COUNTRY
3.    Health Care – Canada’s health care insurance is designed to ensure that all residents have reasonable access to hospital and health services. Most health services and treatments are free. 
4.    Quality education – Free education is available and funded by provincial and federal governments of Canada. The government provides free, quality education from pre-school to high school through public education.
5.    Employment - Economic conditions are relatively good for most of the country. Canadians enjoyed, and still enjoy, a very high quality of life.  More opportunities are available now compared to several years ago. This enables citizens to enjoy a high quality of life but at a more affordable price compared to other cosmopolitan destinations.
6.    Social Services – As a resident of Canada, one gets to enjoy endless social benefits. If you are experiencing difficulty getting employed for an extended period, there are government welfare programs that provide enough money for basics like food and rent. 
7.    Child Tax Benefit – If you have children, the government actually provides money to help you raise your kids under 18 years of age. The amount of the money depends on your income and the age of the child.
8.    Character - There is often a stronger sense of community and duty in Canadian towns than can be found in other countries. Similar to Filipinos, Canadians are very warm and accommodating people, especially in rural and provincial Canada.
9.    Environmental consciousness-Canadians keep a general sense of cleanliness of their surroundings, and how they protect the natural environment. You are guaranteed of clean, fresh air as citizens are eco-friendly, caring for Mother Nature and cleaning their environment.
10.  Old age benefits-Canadian government provides a number of benefits designed for senior citizens. They are entitled to financial and retirement programs as they aged.

A: Office Address: 6th floor, 395 Accelerando Building, Sen.Gil Puyat Avenue,Makati City 1228
L: 02-804-2510
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